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The Blue Hole was a fresh water pond located on State Route 269.  From the 1920s to 1990 the Blue Hole was a tourist site, attracting 165,000 visitors annually at the height of its popularity.

The Blue Hole, which is approximately 75 feet in diameter, gained public interest because of its cleer, vibrant blue hue and seemly “bottomless” appearance. It was widely believed that the depth was unknown, however, this is not true.  It has been proven to be about forty-three to forty-five feet deep. The water temperatures stays consistent around 48 degrees Fahrenheit year round.   Floods and droughts have no effect on the temperature or the water level.

The Blue Hole is fed by a passing underground stream which dumps seven million gallons of water each day into the Sandusky Bay to the north, which then feeds into Lake Erie. The water contains lime, soda, magnesia and iron, and because the Blue Hole is anoxic, it can not sustain fish.

The Blue Hole was known to American Indians and was first recorded in history in 1761. The actual original Blue Hole is now off limits to the public and is located on the Castalia State Fish Hatchery.  Another hole similar in size and eerie bluish-green color is open for public viewing at the hatchery.
Did You Know?
The Castalia Pond, otherwise known as the Castalia Duck Pond, is a spring-fed pond that never freezes. Castalia Pond plays host to many birds all year round, but, during winter, especially when Lake Erie freezes, many more waterfowl temporarily take up residence.

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Cold Creek Festival is held the third weekend in July on Main Street in Castalia.

Some of the activities include the Miss Cold Creek Queen's Contest, Tractor Pull, Duck Drop Bingo, Men's and Women's Softball Tournament, and many others.
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